The War Has Ended But The Memory Lingers On

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This breach of the long official silence on the Algerian War came on the heels of the pioneering work of highly visible scholars such as Benjamin Stora.

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Since the s such groups had worked to influence elections. By the s, however, they saw the need to uphold a united front in the face of liberal and academic pieds-noirs , whom they held to be overly sympathetic to the plight of harkis and Algerian immigrants more broadly, opening the way to more pied-noir support for rightist and xenophobic parties such as the Front National. Chapter six, on the other hand, shows how during the latter period, harki recognition and memory narratives grew more acceptable to the political mainstream.

The next day, we adults slept in and our children enjoyed playing with their new toys. The rest of the day was family time, including perhaps a nice walk through the quiet neighborhood.

Stolen Child

It was a reverent, magical, happy and festive time of year, filled with thankfulness for the Savior, one another and the blessings of life. In my early childhood however, times were different.

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World War II had just ended, and hopelessness and despair filled many lives in war-ravaged Germany. Economic hardship and poverty were ever present. My birthday was coming up just a few weeks before Christmas. In the face of scarcity and shortage all around, I did not expect any Christmas or birthday presents, knowing quite well, even as a young girl, that our parents were struggling to meet our very basic needs.

In our big city hunger was always present. It was a sad and dark time of our lives.

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On the day of my birthday, to my surprise and delight, a wonderful present — just for me — was placed on the kitchen table. It was the most beautiful present I could have imagined: a tiny little Weihnachtsbaum, just one foot tall, covered with delicate handmade ornaments of tinfoil. The tinfoil reflected the light of our living room in an enchanting way. As I inspected the tinfoil ornaments I realized with amazement that they were filled with small pieces of caramelized sugar. It was like a miracle. Where did my mother get the tiny evergreen tree, the tinfoil and the rarity of sugar?

To this day, I do not know how she made this little miracle happen at a time when none of these precious things was available. Free download. And that was because of the trick they used. They were protected by the Hindus and the Sikhs, who killed all others," said Dar. Pritam Singh Mahna was a nine-year-old fourth grader in in what is now the Pakistani part of Punjab province. Ten generations of Mahnas, a Sikh family, had worked the land in the Punjab. But Pritam's father would be the last.

While preparing to flee, the father convinced neighbors the family had converted to Islam, to keep them all from being massacred. Manmohan Madhok, a Hindu, had significant landholdings in what was now Pakistan, some 40 miles north of Lahore.

The War has Ended but the Memory Lingers On

He had hoped to remain with his wife and four children. But we no longer consider that our home. Our home is India now," he said. Many of the refugee families would eventually flourish in India, although Pritam Singh Mahna's family had to spend a decade as refugees here living in wooden huts. But they were lucky to be alive.

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India and Pakistan have fought each other three times since independence, and the territory that prompted two wars, Kashmir, remains disputed. The third war, in , saw East Pakistan become independent Bangladesh. India and Pakistan, by now nuclear powers, came close to war again in While many who witnessed the massacres during partition and fought in the subsequent wars remain bitter, India and Pakistan have taken constructive steps to improve relations in recent years. Delhi University historian Visalakshi Menon says that despite lingering antagonisms, the inhabitants of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh cannot forget their shared past.

After all, generations of a common heritage cannot be wished away, even over 60 years. That continues as part of our collective unconscious," she said.

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Professor Dar of Quaid-i-Azam University says many Pakistanis resent India's feeling that it should be the dominant voice in the region. It is very, very illogical - doing it. India was one and it should have remained one," said Madhok. Historians like Visalakshi Menon believe partition was inevitable, but they also acknowledge it did not achieve its goal of bringing peace and prosperity. India and Pakistan still suffer from sectarian conflict, and they and Bangladesh have yet to end poverty.

But India and Pakistan have seen strong economic gains in the past several years, and have taken larger roles in world affairs. Citizens of the two countries continue to hope their governments will move closer to the ideals of those who led the drive for independence. Open main navigation Live TV.

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