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Beyonce didn’t win an Emmy for Homecoming and fans are seriously confused

Users of Blackboard Collaborate. If You Didn't Win Comment You need to be a member of We Collaborate! This madcap mixed-up identity romance across class lines got six nominations, none of which were for Best Picture. Luckily, not winning Best Picture doesn't mean these films have faded — many of them are available to stream.

You can judge for yourself whether they were truly robbed of their rightful laudations.

Lost to: American Beauty In hindsight anything losing to American Beauty, a smarmy film featuring Kevin Spacey's main character going through a midlife crisis by almost sleeping with his teen daughter's best friend looks pretty bad, but in particular M. Lost to: Cavalcade A movie about the upper crust and lower class dealing with the effects of a lesser-known war pales in comparison to Fugitive 's dark look at the brutality and cruelty of the justice system, and how it turns even men who want to go straight into criminals by default. Lost to: It Happened One Night Both are filled with witty banter and screwball antics, but Thin Man 's Nick and Nora are winsome beyond compare, plus there's a murder mystery!

Lost to: Braveheart The blustering and historically incorrect historical epic lost to the year's real hero: A small pig determined to make it against the odds and actually change the social order for good. Lost to: Oliver! Lost to: The Last Emperor The life story of China's last emperor is fine and has an excellent soundtrack, but how can it compare to a film featuring Cher and Nicholas Cage's finest performances?!

5 Reasons Your Proposal Didn’t Win the Business

Lost to: Spotlight A movie about a newsroom doing important things lost to a perfect all-out epic action movie about facing trauma. Lost To: Crash Another case where anything losing to an awful, Oscar-bait film, in this case Racism Is Bad: The Movie , would be a shanda , but particularly for Ang Lee's quiet, devastating romance to get shunted?

Lost To: The Godfather Part II Men with money to do whatever they want without fear of consequences is more relevant than ever today, putting it a little ahead of a film examining coiled toxic masculinity across time that, unfortunately, is lauded as a good thing by many of its fans. Lost to: Forrest Gump Gump 's shameless feel-good take on history featuring a noble free spirit won Oscar votes, but Tarantino's riff on classic films rebooted several careers and offered a glimpse of films to come.

Lost To: Cavalcade Not to knock the film again, but Cavalcade can't hold a candle to Mae West's sassy triple-entendres, featuring a baby-faced Carey Grant. Lost To: Hamlet Hamlet, the tale of a 30 year old who can't figure out what he's doing, is always going to be considered Important. Lost To: Going My Way Though the noir classic, filled with lines like "I never knew death smelled like honeysuckle," got seven nominations, it didn't win a single Oscar.

Lost to: Rain Man We've come full circle — from this film's Women Can't Be Friends message see also: An Officer And A Gentleman, Pretty Woman , to present-day cries that not supporting women patently doing horrific things is anti-feminist see: the last and upcoming elections , we're now back to a balance with this film's ultimate message of Bosses Are Terrible.

Lost to: Birdman A timely film about the lesser-known but important civil rights march lost to a film about a male actor dealing with his career.

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Lost to: Forrest Gump Now this is the story of perseverance against the odds that should've nabbed Best Picture. Lost To: Rocky This one's tough, because it's not like a great film about an underdog earning what he needed from life winning is anything bad — just that Scorsese's searing look inside Bickle's mind is so singular and outstanding. Lost to: Birdman Anderson's attempt at looking slightly beyond wealthy white families to the broader world is less naval-gazing than Birdman.

Lost To: The Artist Viola Davis herself told The New York Times she regretted her role in The Help for perpetuating the "white savior" narrative, and indeed the white women's stories trump the people they're supposedly talking to, but even this Davis performance trumps the treacly Hollywood sap of The Artist. Lost To: Shape Of Water Paul Thomas Anderson's breakdown of relationship dynamics between supposed auteurs and the women who "deal" with them has more nuance than the straightforward love story of a woman and fish-man.

Lost To: The Departed Scorsese should've won, but not like this , and not at the expense of a sweet, oddball family movie.

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Lost To: Ordinary People Mel Brooks produced David Lynch's lone period-piece about a Victorian sideshow attraction's life, though it lost to a perfectly decent movie about a family coping or not with loss. Lost To: Ordinary People Again, I'd like to point out Scorsese eventually won for The Departed , a film based on the far superior film Infernal Affairs , and featuring a whole range of questionable Boston accents. Lost to: Gladiator The wrong period piece featuring vengeance and major set-pieces won, especially when, on one hand you have two manly-to-the-point-of-parodic leads Russell Crowe, Oliver Reed , and on the other, two champions of their art Michelle Yeoh, Chow Yun-fat.

Lost To: A Man For All Seasons It doesn't matter what the winner was, nothing was going to top this all-out psychological battle between husband and wife heck, put it up against Phantom Thread and the latter would pale in comparison. Gantz and his team of seasoned politicians — including Yair Lapid and former Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon — made a formidable debut on the national stage.

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  • The Landfall Campaign (The Nameless War Trilogy Book 2).
  • Revenge of the Red Knight: 4 (AIO Imagination Station Books)!

That gridlock triggered a second election. Beren Machanaim Hesder Yeshiva, Sept. Gershon Ellinson. Though the Israeli president is mainly a ceremonial figurehead, the office does have one important role in forming the post-election government: deciding who has the best chance at forming a ruling coalition and giving that leader the chance to do so.

Initially, it seemed that Netanyahu and Gantz might work together to form what is called a unity government , in which they each hold prominent positions and possibly even trade off the prime minister role.

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But that possibility fell apart after days of negotiations, and Rivlin — who has clashed publicly with Netanyahu in the past — decided to grant the sitting prime minister 28 days to try to form a ruling coalition. Rivlin ultimately sees an easier path to 61 seats for Netanyahu and his allies, because there are simply more elected right-wing lawmakers than there are centrist and left-wing ones. Rivlin also take the recommendations of the elected Knesset members into account. In the end, it still came down to numbers: parties with a total of 55 seats recommended Netanyahu to form the next government, while 54 recommended Gantz.

So plenty of negotiating remains to be done.