The Devil [with Biographical Introduction]

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I need to find somebody and I might need a little help looking The summer of '48 in the city of Angels and there's heat on the streets when Daphne Monet hits the sidewalk. Heat when she disappears with a trunkload of somebody else's cash. Easy Rawlins is a war veteran just fired from his job.

Drinking in a friend's bar, he wonders how to meet his mortgage when a white man in a linen suit walks in, offering good money if Easy will locate Miss Monet, a blonde with a reputation. It's a simple decision, but for one thing.

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It is a gold mine for African film scholars. This book gives vital insight into how globalization actually impacts a non-Western society that has few defenses beyond the awareness and canniness of the artists involved.

Strongly recommended to anyone interested in film. It addresses the current state of cinema in South Africa, in which the filmmakers see cinema as a metaphor for their newly formed society as it emerges from the apartheid system. University of Illinois Press. More framing would have been helpful.

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I would have liked to have known more about the other Leeds who lived in Leeds Point to confirm their part in the story, or not, but this was touched on only lightly. I finished the book unsatisfied. At only pages, it needed at least another 50 to flesh out the narrative. The components were slow to merge into the tale we know now.

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As the authors say, the Jersey Devil was not without predecessors. I was pleased to see a tracing of these antecedents to the modern view. I wanted more. Context is everything when understanding a legend and this is unfortunately overlooked in contemporary popular cryptozoological books.

The media reported on the Leeds beast as real and so people said they saw it. The dustup follows the same pattern of contagion as other flaps. Those who picked up early on the history of the Devil were amateur historians or folklorists who never looked too far into the forest for the roots of the story. With Leeds forgotten or lost except in the place name, the canonical Jersey Devil became a child-eating dragon, a flying kangaroo, and a Jabberwock, with a new location-oriented catchy name that stuck. This book does a decent job of driving that important point home. However, I did find a few times where that very mistake was made in this volume.

The same name is mentioned again on page The reference for this is O.

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The reference, which I obtained, is about pterodactyls but does not contain the name Tarsus and makes no mention of any Pleistocene mammals. The title error is repeated several times.