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Our Guide to Barcelona. NEW recipes.

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It's colorful, packed with flavor and has a nice chewiness to it. Three Great Summer Spreads We created these crisp bread topping recipes for a celebration last week and thought you might enjoy them too.

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A Swedish summer spread, a herby green pea hummus with a sting and the classic bell pepper and sunflower seed spread from our first book. Load More.

It's colorful, packed Three Great Summer Spreads We created these crisp bread topping recipes for a celebration last week and thought you might enjoy Welcome to our new website! Home to all our recipes, videos and books.

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What's new. Hello and welcome to our new home. We started Green Kitchen Stories in — ten whole years ago!

But after years of talking about a redesign, we finally got it done. When Plenty hit the scene in , the cover photo of those eggplants with buttermilk sauce was on everyone's mind.

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The Best Vegetarian Cookbooks, According to the Epi Staff

Ottolenghi 's reputation with vegetable-driven, Middle Eastern—inspired cooking is really highlighted in this cookbook, where recipes include a fiery black pepper tofu dish and a lighter mango and coconut rice salad. If you want to get into Indian cooking, let Julie Sahni be your guide. The legendary cooking teacher and author has packed a ton into this cookbook, making it part informative guide , part journey through India, and part recipe collection.

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Aside from a range of snacks, sweets, and full meals, the book includes a bounty of descriptions on every blend of curry. If you don't already have this classic, know that it has been deemed one of the world's most popular vegetarian cookbooks.

Green Kitchen Stories — Healthy Vegetarian Family Recipes

The original version came out in and the gigantic ode to plant life is persistently useful and inspiring. Deborah Madison will make you feel passionate about composing a vegetarian menu of frittatas, edible flowers, and salads for all seasons. Husband and wife bloggers Alex and Sonja Overhiser have come a long way in the kitchen over the last several years. Tender figs served in their syrupy juices - a great summer dessert and an exotic finale to your barbecue.

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This filling, bean-based vegetarian burger is packed with protein and flavour. Vegetables always tasty delicious cooked on the barbecue, so follow this easy courgette recipe for a healthy delight.

7 Low-Carb Veggie Dinners

Butternut squash is best roasted as its sweet flavours are released, so chuck it on the barbecue for a tasty side. A flavour-packed treat for vegans, tofu can take lots of flavour so these skewers are glazed in a spicy, tangy, sticky glaze full of Asian flavours. This vegan-friendly centrepiece is super simple but looks oh-so impressive served up on a platter.

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  7. Cheese in a burger? Sign us up! This halloumi burger is going to have a big thumbs up from veggies and meat-eaters alike.