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Farwell: Oscar Beregi. DeCruz: Simon Oakland. Brooks: Lew Gallo. Erbie: John Mitchum. Man on Road: Wallace Rooney. Woman on Road: Shirley O'Hara. Writer: Rod Serling original teleplay. Director: Justus Addiss.

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Director of Photography: George T. Clemens Art Direction: George W. Music: Stock. And Now, Mr.

50. "The Hunt"

Four men plan a heist the likes of which have never before been entered into the annals of crime. At which point, according to plan, they take a brief vacation from reality and they spend it in the Twilight Zone. Rod Serling's Opening Narration:. Four thieves Farwell, DeCruz, Brooks, and Erbie escape to a hidden cave in the desert in a truck loaded with gold. The company is led by Farwell, an expert on noxious gases.

We learn that Farwell has used this expertise to put to sleep the entire company of a train hauling the gold, allowing to thieves to simply drive away with the loot. Now, at the hideout, Farwell reveals the remainder of his plan.

How Does the New ‘Twilight Zone’ Compare to the Original?

Within the cave are four objects which resemble glass coffins. It is within these containers that the four thieves will be put to sleep by one of Farwell's gases. The plan is to sleep undisturbed, and physically unchanged, for a century. When they wake up they will be free to spend the gold as they please, knowing that anyone that would still be searching for them will be long dead.

The only member of the company that seems wary of this plan is highly-strung DeCruz, who is eventually outnumbered and bullied by Brooks into going along with the plan. The four men get into the containers and, following Farwell's systematic instructions, put themselves to sleep. Upon waking, the men believe that the plan did not work and that they have not slept long at all. It is only upon the discovery of the corpse of Erbie, now only a skeleton whose flesh has long since rotted away, do the men realize that the plan has worked.

They have awakened into the next century. The tense confrontations between DeCruz and Brooks finally escalates to the point of murder when DeCruz uses the truck to run Brooks over and then further proceeds to send their only means of transportation off the side of a steep cliff. The only choice for DeCruz and Farwell is to pack the gold in backpacks and to walk across the desert in search of civilization.

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The men soon find a road to follow but see no signs of a population. The going is tough on Farwell who is out of shape and has accidentally left his water canteen behind.

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As the going gets rougher and Farwell needs more water, he realizes that DeCruz will eventually charge him the entirety of his share of gold and decides to ensure his own survival by bludgeoning DeCruz to death with a gold bar. With his dying words he offers the man who has found him gold in exchange for a ride into town. With some sharp writing from Richard Matheson in his first script for the show , a paradox is turned into something rare in The Twilight Zone : a second chance.

During the trip they all black out, and the plane goes off radar, but it crashes in the desert and the men are recovered. Season 1, Episode 29 Helen Foley Janice Rule meets two people on the same day that change her life forever. The second is Peter Selden Shepperd Strudwick , who confesses to the killing.

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The episode confronts memory and PTSD in a fascinating way, and replaces the usual slow burn of horrifying realization with tense, immediate danger. Charles Whitley Ernest Truex thinks it does, even if it lands him in hot water at his retirement home. To rebel, he organizes a big game of kick the can youthful for !

Twilight for Oil?

Season 2, Episode 18 You want twists? Too bad. Uncertainty, despair, and a steady loss of jet fuel hallmark this episode that focuses on a passenger plane flying from London to New York City. Close to landing at Idlewild Airport aka Kennedy Airport as of , the plane time travels from back to the Cretaceous Period clever girl which rightly freaks everyone out. Channeling the Flying Dutchman of myth, the plane attempts to recreate the time vortex, and succeeds, but undershoots their present to land in They decide to make one more attempt, because one more attempt may be all their remaining fuel will allow.

Season 3, Episode 1 A ethereal poem of an episode, the raw emptiness is noteworthy as Charles Bronson and Elizabeth Montgomery play two opposing soldiers in a long war who find themselves warily learning to trust each other in an evacuated city. The dove as a symbol is on the nose, but their slow stripping off of uniforms for different clothes is subtle and sweet. Season 2, Episode 23 The show primarily hung around the s, but it also loved to dip into the far future and the Old West.

This episode chooses all the above with a pioneer leading his family out west. This episode uses an inverted Grandfather Paradox to create a kind story about survival, faith, and brand new antiques. Hatred and bigotry are on center stage as a small-town sheriff wrings his hands about whether to hang an innocent man.

Recognizing it as a cosmic sign, the townspeople express grace and release the man. Just kidding. They live in the Twilight Zone, which is scarily like our own.

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The haughty Pip Sebastian Cabot plays his guardian angel, who gives him an endless stream of cash, a plush apartment, and attractive women who ask what they can do for him. A clever twist on reward and torture that grins wide as it shoves the knife in. Serling closes the episode proclaiming that Dachau and other concentration camps must stay standing as monuments to horror so that it may never happen again. Season 1, Episode 30 Gart Williams James Daly hates his modern job, his demanding boss, and his craven wife, and longs for a calmer, simpler time.

Williams ping pongs between the restful strolls through Willoughby and his increasingly grinding life until he decides to get off the train at Willoughby and stay. If you think he found the peace he was looking for, the subtext is optimistic, but the underlying lesson of the episode is troubling if you consider the implications of escaping this world, no matter how appealing another world seems. Season 1, Episode 1 The very first episode of The Twilight Zone set a standard for themes and elements that would crop up regularly over five seasons: a mysteriously empty city, an isolated man, the military, paranoia, and the hopes and fears of s America.

The story follows Mike Ferris Earl Holliman as he more and more frantically explores the diners, streets, and movie theaters of a town where there are tons of signs of human life, but no people. The Twilight Zone , naturally, has another explanation. Season 2, Episode 26 A dearly inventive episode, this tale sees Adam Grant Dennis Weaver found guilty of murder and set for execution. A lot. Every night in fact. The thing is, he makes a lot of good points about the irrationality of the world and the people in it. Is he right? Or is he a terrified man deluding himself in his last hours?

Which is worse? Season 1, Episode 25 Gleefully wrenching a phrase meant to be sunny, Serling delivers an episode about two astronauts who see things differently. That should go for aliens, too. Conrad a brilliant Roddy McDowall is deeply pessimistic and cynical.

Marcusson is killed when they land, so Conrad must interact with the Martians, who surprise him with hospitality and interest. In a twist that inspired several Star Trek entries, Conrad learns, to his horror, that his colleague was right: people are just as bad wherever you go.