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The word God is a title, and when we say that God created the earth, we mean that Heavenly Father, or God the Father, planned the creation and that Jesus Christ, or God the Son, carried out those plans. Some of our songs say that God created the earth, and some say that the Lord God made the earth. The creation is clearly described in the Pearl of Great Price, and we can be grateful that we have latter-day scripture to help us understand the purpose of the earth and how it was created. Ask children to draw each object in song.

Have them print their names under their drawings; cut around names and pictures. Mount all drawings of same object on sheet of poster board. Arrange pictures in order; have children hold them up as song is sung, or assemble and display as flip-chart as song is sung. This program has truly been a life saver for our family!!

Thank you All About Reading!! This looks like such an incredibly helpful resource for families!

Ive always loved morphology, since 3rd grade. Like puzzels, and so logical. Wish my kids liked it too. Sharon, Maybe your kids will grow into liking these sorts of things too. Then one day when my son was 14 or 15, he started telling me all about the root of the word mummy as in the Egyptian mummies. Apparently, he ended up on a rabbit trail one day and learned all about it. I guess my love of word origins rubbed off. These are great tips! Thank you for sharing. Once my son got through the prefixes and suffixes units in ABR he became a much more fluent reader!

Brittanie, Yes! Mastering prefixes and suffixes opens up so much of English; affixes are everywhere! I love that your son is becoming a much more fluent reader. This is so interesting! I wish I had started with this from the beginning before switching after my child was already struggling.

Help for kids homework!

We love the All About curriculum for our kinesthetic learner. Erin, Preventing students from getting tired out or bored is one of the reasons we recommend keeping reading and spelling instruction time to just 20 minutes a day each. Short, but consistently done, lessons lead to big progress! Sounds great, Erin!

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Keep up the excellent work! Our family has enjoyed using both your reading and spelling programs. We have used it for our older 3 students, and have started using with our last 2. Thank you for taking the guessing work out of teaching my hearts to learn to read and read to learn while enjoying the process! You are so welcome, Juanita! As we prepare to begin our homeschooling journey, this looks like a great way to teach reading and deciding new words as well as spelling!!!

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I love the idea of giving kids rules that are tools in their reading toolbelts rather than having them memorize specific words. I love everything about All About Reading and I am so excited to be able to use this resource! This is an amazing way to explain something difficult, and make it easier to understand.

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God bless. Thanks for the simple but yet very clear way of teaching prefixes. I will definitely be using this as a guide.

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When a child is able to read two-syllable words comfortably, he or she is ready to start reading words with common prefixes. When he can read words like cotton and robot, he is ready for words like unfit and retry. The same for spelling. However, you will revisit prefixes as your child continues to improve with reading and spelling. Prefixes like im, in, and en can cause confusion, because they often sound similar.

These are better to teach later on. And finally, learning the more complex prefixes can be a part of learning Latin and Greek roots and higher level vocabulary. All About Spelling does this in level 7, which covers high school level spelling.

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Please let me know if you have further questions. I would never teach reading without the All About Reading Curriculum.

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It is, by far, the most thorough curriculum out there. Great resource and clear examples for learning. My children could really benefit from this program. Thank you for more useful teaching tools! These prefix activities look great and I look forward to trying them this week with students I tutor. First time trying AAR and we love the way the material is laid out. The lessons are easy to follow, not too long and the suggestions at the back of the book are helpful. Thank you for letting us know that All About Reading is working out for well for you, Michelle.

It sounds like things are going great! I absolutely love AAL! We use it for our 3k son who is already taken off with reading interest and our 1st grade daughter who because of AAR and AAS is reading everything she comes across!

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We have tried other reading curriculums in the past and she was stressed and not catching on. With AAR, she feels she is playing rather than learning! As an ELA curriculum coordinator, I look forward to these tips in my weekly mail. They always go into my resources or get printed out for use right away. I teach medical terminology and can say this type of learning goes a long way in a lifetime of understanding how language works.

Way to go team! Devyn, Prefixes are only in the middle of a word when it is multiple prefixes. For example, unreinforced re is in the middle as it has un before it. So, even if the prefixes are stacked that way, they still do not change their spelling nor the spelling of the root word.

The picture of the person with the vowel teams and consonant teams etc. Could you share that? Where did you see it?

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Was it a specific blog post? Sir, Why in some article, a letter is put in bracket prefixes a word viz. Please explain. This is done when an author is quoting someone else.