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Van Gogh worshipped nature.

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There are always things that will try to pull you down. But we should be joyful in looking at the world. Hockney — Van Gogh. Creative Boom celebrates, inspires and supports the creative community. Launched in , we love to explore the very best creativity and offer tips, resources and advice to help you succeed. Created by Boomerang PR.

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Recommended reading. I'm inspired by stories and deep conversation. People who live out loud and true to their values. Alexandra Ready to receive I'm inspired by Authentic people who share their lives with others. Jesse Brave, attentive, kind I'm inspired by Kit Langdon Caring , open and creative I'm inspired by Ali optimistic, open, vulnerable I'm inspired by Hope for positive change, relationship building, meeting people who really care.

Dawn kind, strong, fun I'm inspired by Sandra Curious, loving, strong I'm inspired by Liiving from the Heart Rae becoming kinder everyday I'm inspired by Yoga, Dharma, great meditation teachers Martha loving, growing, changing I'm inspired by Cindy Principaled, service, namaste I'm inspired by Rebecca Strong, powerful, sensual I'm inspired by I am inspired by life, love, joy, movement, travel, song and chant!

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Dindy Strong, generous, loving I'm inspired by Life, yoga, meditation and wise women inspire me. Marcia Athletic, Strong, Nurturing I'm inspired by I am inspired by life and liberty.

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Charlotte Authentic, resilient, loving I'm inspired by Anne Loving, grateful, kind I'm inspired by Love Inspires me. Barbara Resilient, introspective, compassionate I'm inspired by Amy nurturing, cheerful, passionate I'm inspired by Honesty and everyday courage. Emily Creative, strong, caring I'm inspired by Nature, art and love.

Hi everyone! Mu Introverted, resilient, fortunate I'm inspired by Diana Creative.

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I'm inspired by Sarah Flexible. Appreciative of beauty I'm inspired by Inspiring my students. Maria Carolina Vecchio Sensitive,, curiouse ,, loyal to my heart I'm inspired by Nature, starry sky, women and their wisdom, friendships, diferent cultures, books, art Joy Johnston creative, fair, resilient I'm inspired by Women using their natural talents, creativity, and compassion to help others. Diana O elder, vibrant, caring I'm inspired by Nature, generosity, basic Goodness of Human Spirit, community. Brandi Adaptable, open, smiling I'm inspired by My family.

Finding peace and truth.

Annemarie Hendrikz introverted, capable, kind I'm inspired by Shelly Kind, compassionate and affectionate I'm inspired by Lori Caring, resourceful, inquisitive I'm inspired by Dawn Deguire Empathic, perceptive, truth seeker I'm inspired by Those bold enough to express the truth at all costs.

Laura Morala Forte Dynamic, creative, multitalented I'm inspired by Dez Stephens Positive, generous, hopeful I'm inspired by Jan Courageous, funny, accepting I'm inspired by And laughter! Pam Adaptive, compassionate, down-to-earth I'm inspired by Nature, friendship, resilience in others, animals. Zorriah Lowan Mindful. Strong women that prevail after abuse and reach joy.

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Maria Perser resilient, empathic, curious I'm inspired by Tita Peaceful, strong, and wise I'm inspired by TL Resilient, compassionate, kind I'm inspired by Breathtaking moments, Newborn life, and miraculous stories of recovery. Reggie Johnson encouraging, inclusive, learner I'm inspired by I'm inspired by my family Maria caring, compassionate and loving I'm inspired by Jess Sensitive, loving, strong I'm inspired by Onia Curios, playful, learner I'm inspired by Beth Lauren Resilient, kind, survivor I'm inspired by Ixchel Devoted humble servant of the Divine I'm inspired by Self and global transformation.

Andrea Bazoin Introspective. I'm inspired by the global tide of female empowerment that is rising with every passing day.

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Joan ancient, devoted, hungry I'm inspired by