How to Defeat Stress Once and For All

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And why not try yoga? It's a great way to ease your mind and relax your muscles. Meditation It might sound simple, but sitting quietly for 10 minutes a day can really help with stress levels. Take breaks regularly Short breaks between working can help you switch off. But longer breaks are important too. Get a pet It is said that spending time with animals is good for your health. Sleep and sign off Facebook Sleep is always the best medicine and some people find that small minute naps can help increase productivity.

Quit smoking Some people say they smoke to relax, but researchers on the European Board for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco suggest that nicotine suppresses the hormone serotonin, which fights stress. Try to see the positive side If you missed a deadline, try to appreciate what you learned from this mistake: now you know how to plan ahead.

Why You Should Avoid Stress

Listen to music Listening to music can help calm you down and put you in a better frame of mind. Laugh They say that laughter is the best medicine, and it's really true. How do you manage stress? Share your tips in the comments section below. Topics Students Blogging students. Higher education Advice for students blogposts. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Loading comments… Trouble loading?

Most popular. See the big picture Ask your boss what are your key deliverables. Take time out Have a relaxing chat with your colleague or friend, have a stretch at the photocopy machine or pop downstairs to buy a snack. When you really must snack, eat healthily and stock up your work desk with healthy alternatives, such as: Soy chips Small packets of nuts and dried fruits like raisins Whole wheat crackers Fruits and vegetables Explore other avenues to reduce stress and increase participation in healthy activities.

Escape for an instant Think of one instance in your life when you were happy and relaxed.

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Get enough rest Give your body the sleep it needs — at least seven to nine hours a night. Get adequate exercise Regular exercise is not only important in keeping you physically healthy but it also promotes mental well-being. Ref: Q With expertise from:. Internal Medicine. Sharing is caring! Tags Tips How to take care Health at Work. Trending Now. You May Also Like.

5 Effective Ways to Beat Depression, Stress and Anxiety

Newsletter Sign up with your email. Please enter a valid email address. All Rights Reserved. Singapore General Hospital. Changi General Hospital. Sengkang General Hospital. KK Women's and Children's Hospital. National Cancer Centre Singapore. You should be able to print or download from there. Great article on reducing stress! I think getting the appropriate amount of sleep per night and taking care of yourself through exercise and nutrition is such common sense, but we forget day to day that we need to do these things. I know I need to remind myself and work at it constantly!

This is an awesome article.

Very timely. When I started reading it, I was really stressed and was just sitting on my desk, my mind blank. I am glad that as I finished reading the story, i am longer stressed. What an article! Very well presented info-graphics. We cannot avoid stress but we should learn to cope up our stress. We have no control for everything that happening to our surroundings. We should always reminds ourselves to focus on the solution for what is the cause of our stress. These are some absolutely fantastic tips; after all, work-related stress is never something you want to deal with.

Hi, article is very good and I understand your point but I would like your opinion and advise how to manage the stress in different offices environment, especially I am working as Customer Service Officer and I am dealing with patients every day whole day 5 days a week! I really love my job and I have very good time around me. The points are well defined and relevant. I particularly liked the suggestion where it has been suggested that one should have a friendly relationship with the office colleague, to avert the possibilities of office politics, which is one of the biggest reason for work-related stress.

Apart from that, the suggestions of having sound sleep, meditation and switching to music therapy are also useful in fighting stress. So people reach out of over stress ness. But right now your article has done a good job. But you want to reach more countries to give you the best pros.

What Does Stress Do With Our Bodies?

Great insights on how a workplace stress environment can even cost the organisations as well. Its a great idea for organisation as well, they can have a track of stress which is favourable for breeding good competition and avoid negative stress inducing events simultaneously. Thank you for informing us about how to reduce stress at work. I agree with the research findings of Harvard and Stanford researchers and what they found in stressful jobs.

If I were to do a follow-up study about workplace safety, I will enrich the people of our workplace to not get stressed out that much and start investing time in exercising. This article will very help us to all employees and workers. These tips are very helpful for our rooting life. We should do exercise and eat fresh nutrition food. Everyone should read your article.

Thanks for this wonderful piece of article. SnackNation is a healthy office snack delivery service that makes healthy snacking fun, life more productive, and workplaces awesome. We provide a monthly, curated selection of healthy snacks from the hottest, most innovative natural food brands in the industry, giving our members a hassle-free experience and delivering joy to their offices.

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1. Go for a Walk

Your co-workers talk about it in hushed tones if at all , and your boss is in denial of its very existence… Its name? Fear of being laid off or fired Additional overtime due to budget cuts Pressure due to constantly rising expectations Pressure to constantly work at peak levels How do you know if your stress level is out of control? Form Positive Relationships While the negative effects of stress are very real, much of the stress we experience can be alleviated simply by talking about it.

Here are some tips for fostering positive personal relationships at work: Put down your smartphone! Instead of burying your head in your Instagram feed at lunch, leave your phone at your desk during breaks and engage with co-workers. Encourage vulnerability. Vulnerability exercises are something we do at our SnackNation offsites. After breaking out into smaller groups of four or five, everyone in the group is encouraged to share something personal — often a meaningful experience from their upbringing.

The relationships formed during these vulnerability exercises are the basis for some of the deepest and longest-lasting relationships at the company. Remember, these relationships should be both personal and professional. Start Exercising or Exercise More With its mood-boosting and endorphin-releasing properties, regular aerobic exercise is a natural stress reducer.