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This issue, like the rest of Zdarksky's run, can be over-obvious. Yet, it's so earnest and understands Daredevil so fundamentally, this issue is nothing short of powerful. It suits the tone of the series perfectly. It flowed from panel to panel brilliantly. At least no one recently. I think I called him the best Spider-Man writer of our generation. Honestly, that's likely true for Daredevil as well. The end of this issue was phenomenal. In every. Sense of the word. This feels like a historic issue.

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Yeah, this comic is really something. I'd highly recommend this Daredevil series to anyone, not just Daredevil fans. It's great. This issue especially stood out, and it seems I'm not the only one who thinks so, considering the user score. Raises questions ive never seen addressed in comics before. Plus, it makes you confront your own feelings about superheroes and collateral damage. Matt and the other character feel very authentic as Matt is faced with a moral conundrum that he can't ignore.

The art and action throughout are awesome too. Looks like Chip is really motivated to make DD the best character in Marvel Universe which is totally fine by me. I felt bad almost giving a 9. Its a really amazing book that leaves you in legitimate suspense of where the story is going at the end and delivers a great concept that just fits Daredevil so well.

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This run has blown all expectations out of the water. God loves Matthew and I am loving this run. The way Spider-Man is depicted in this issue was outstanding! He should be written more like he was in this issue compared to War of the Realms not saying it was bad though. This was a terrific ending to the first arc of the series and has me wondering what will bring Daredevil out of retirement. I've never been the biggest fan of Daredevil, but in just five issues, Chip Zdarsky made me fall in love with the characters.

This is an incredible, emotional issue.

Where will this go next? I have no clue! But I am eager to find out! You might be imagining some version of a devil-may-care rule breaker who never calls his mom. All of the above mental images are little gifts of movies and the media.

Men and women of all different ethnic backgrounds, creeds and upbringings end up putting on parachutes. We come from every walk of life: stay-at-home moms; accountants; real estate agents; students; vegans; musicians; line cooks; entrepreneurs; scientists; soldiers. A skydiving dropzone is a very welcoming environment. You might imagine that skydiving is a reckless activity for reckless people who just kinda wanna watch the world burn.

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It owes much to the road pictures of Hope and Crosby, and on that level it succeeds. Shanghai Knights is fun, and that's all it tries to be. A critic at Relevant Magazine agrees: "Sometimes you just need to escape from the world and turn off your brain for a while. This is the kind of film that will lull you comfortably into a never-never land and have you repeating lines to your friends.


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